• Parabola 11:2 -   Mirrors


Parabola 11:2


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"The Praying Masters of My Soul" by Jonathan Omer-Man - Getting in step

"The Interior Image" by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy - Aims of traditional portraiture

"Jeremy" by Jacques Lusseyran - Buchenwald as mirror and microscope

"Nirvana Is Samsara" by P. L. Travers - A poem

"Reflection" by Marie-Louise von Franz - Four currents of exchange

From The Annotated Alice by Martin Gardner - Looking-glass sense and nonsense

"Through a Glass Darkly" by D.M. Dooling - The roots of distortion

ARCS: "A Wondrous Affinity"

"The Only Freedom" - An interview with Helen M. Luke

"The Mirrors of Mahayana" by Frederick Franck - Opening to the light

"Or So the Story Goes" by Peter Brook - A fable

"Looking through the Mirror of Life" by Claire R. Farrer and Bernard Second - Conversations with a Mescalero Apache Singer

Tangents - reviews
"A Gift of Metaphor" by Rob Baker - Isak Dinesen’s Africa, revisited

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Courtesan’s Fee" / Jataka
"The Quarrel" / Buddhist
"The Dark Mirror" / Rumi
"The Bright Mirror" / Rumi
"The Gorgon’s Head" / Greek
"Wooing the Ducks" / Caribbean
"Urashima Taro" / Shinto


Parabola 11:2 - Mirrors

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