• Parabola 13:4 -   The Mountain


Parabola 13:4

The Mountain

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"This Land of Snow Ridges" - A conversation about mountains and Tibet with Thubten Jigme Norbu

Mount Analogue / Part One - "The Letter"

"Sacred Mountains" by Edwin Bernbaum - Evocations of mystery, meaning, and divinity

"Monte Perdito" by P. L. Travers - First steps up the staircase on the pilgrim path

Mount Analogue / Part Two - "The Encounter"

"The Garden and the Glass Mountain" by Paul Jordan-Smith - Finding the way in and the way up

"The Mountain of God" by Richard Temple - The iconography of spiritual evolution

Mount Analogue / Part Three - "The Meeting"

"The Four Sacred Mountains of the Navajos" by Trebbe Johnson - Defining the universe both above and below

Mount Analogue / Part Four - "The Sea-Crossing"

"The Way of the White Clouds" by Lama Anagarika Govinda - Mount Kailas as the universal center

"The Threshold of the Mountain in Dante’s Divine Comedy" by Helen Luke - Moving through Purgatory towards Peter’s Gate

Mount Analogue / Part Five - "The Arrival"

"Fabulous Climbers" by Rob Baker - The Capricorn as sea-goat, crocodile, and unicorn

Mount Analogue / Part Six - "The First Camp"

"The Way and the Mountain" by Marco Pallis - A leading traditionalist’s discussion of the ascent

Mount Analogue / Part Seven - "Traces"

"Keeping Still" - The Mountain trigram in the I Ching

"Interior Resonances" - A Conversation with Jack Daumal


Parabola 13:4 - The Mountain

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