• Parabola 15:2 -   Attention


Parabola 15:2


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"The Practice of Attention" by Philip Novak - Traditional ways for developing greater awareness

"Walking" by Linda Hogan - Contemplating the nature of elemental change

"The Door to Infinity" by Flora Courtois - A radical intimacy at the heart of Zen

"The Revolving Wall" by Gai Eaton - Correct orientation in Islam

"Before the Cock Crow" from St. Matthew - The sleeping disciples

"Silence of the Heart" by Richard Temple - The call for awakening in the Philokalia

"The Attending Physician" by Richard S. Sandor - A different ethos of medical care

"Doors in the Wall" by Aldous Huxley - A classic rebuttal of the trap of rigid systematic reasoning

"Crystalline Moments" by Nadia Boulanger - Attentiveness in music and life

"Acceptance and Attention" by Hubert Benoit - Acknowledging the limitations of the ordinary self

ARCS: "Power in the Heart"

"Dhyana: The Long, Pure Look" by Padma Hejmadi - The Hindu concept of spontaneous prayer

"The Force of Attention" by William Segal - Sensation as a gateway to exchange with the divine

"Listening to the Silence" by J. Krishnamurti - What it really means to "pay attention"

"Sunflower" by P. L. Travers - A golden metaphor of presence and intention

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"The Sleeping Master" / Zen
"The Golden Phoenix" / Islam
"The Moment of Truth" / Mexico - From Tom Lea’s novel, The Brave Bulls


Parabola 15:2 - Attention

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