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Parabola 16:3


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"The Use of Art" by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy - The distinction of utilitarian craftsmanship

"Spinning: Leaving Well Alone: An interview with Barbara Wheeler" - Attending the wool from sheep to woven fabric

"Some Notes on Arab Calligraphy" by Jean Sulzberger - The inscription of the geometry of the spirit

"The Craft of a Contrary Man" by Victor Hammer - The art of making the spoken word visible on the page

"Gifts from the Celestial Granary" by Marcel Griaule - The smith and the potter in Dogon cosmology

"Close to the Earth" by Gladys Remde - Containers made from the four elements

"Writing with Light" by Paul Caponigro - The photographer as silversmith

"The Master in the Stone: An interview with Alan Bird" - Clerk of the works at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

"Birth of a Sculpture" by Henri Tracol - Recognizing the present moment in inner craft

"Les Compagnons du Devoir - An ancient French tradition lives on

Arcs: "Tools of Transformation"

"Shaping Space" by Harry Remde - Tools, machines, and a carpenter’s workplace

"The Basket and World Renewal" by Julian Lang - Ritual objects for a Northwest Native American dance

Tangents - reviews
"MAterial Worlds" by Rob Baker - A review of ATLAS: an opera in three parts, by Meredith Monk

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"The Story of Arachne" / Greek - retold by Barbara Ensrud
"The Patience of Penelope" / Greek - retold by Ellen Draper
"Loki the Trickster" / Norse - retold by P. L. Travers
"The Hose-maker" / Jewish - retold by Martin Buber
"Marionettes" / Hindu - retold by Tom White


Parabola 16:3 - Craft

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