• Parabola 18:4 -   The City


Parabola 18:4

The City

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"Living Next to One Another" by Daniel Kemmis - The role of the citizen

"An Image of the Soul" by HRH The Prince of Wales - How to rebuild with conscience

"Reinterpreting the City" by Eduardo Rauch - The metropolis and artistic imagination

"Kashi, the Luminous" by Diana L. Eck - Banares, city of Shiva

"The Families Gathered Together" by Joseph Bruchac - Traditional Native American village life

"The Hieratic City State" by Joseph Campbell - Ancient models of Paradise

"The Emperor’s Palace" by Jonathan Swift - Gulliver visits Mildendo

ARCS: "The Heart Within the City"

"Light From the Center" by Gai Eaton - The holy city in Islam

"A Livable City" by Christine Whittemore - A portrait of L’Aquila, Italy

"Delicious Taste Permanent Memory" by Kathleen Lee - A Western woman’s travels in China

"The Spirit of Place" by René Dubos - Distinctive traits of certain cities

"The City Coat of Arms" by Franz Kafka - From common aim to general strife

"Blind Architects" by Maurice Maeterlinck - The cities of the termite

"Ghadamis, Kabao, Naloot" drawings by Ann Leggett - Ancient cities of the Sahara

Where Trade Began" / Jane Jacobs with Hope Cullum - The renewal and morality of cities
"City of Many Villages" / Sulak Sivaraksa - Bangkok, city built by a god
"A Cornucopia of Interest" / Hope Cooke - New York, the richest city in the world

Tangents - reviews
"Teotihuacan: City of the Gods" by Bob Scher - Exhibit of art at M. H. de Young Museum

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"Many-Columned Iram" / Arabian - from The Arabian Nights
"The Kingdom of Automata" / Hindu - retold by Paul Jordan-Smith
"Asgard" / Norse - retold by Tom White
"Rhythm" / Sufi - from Tales by Hazrat Inayat Khan


Parabola 18:4 - The City

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