• Parabola 21:4 -   Play and Work


Parabola 21:4

Play and Work

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"Spontaneous Effort" by David Rothenberg - When the moment strikes

"No Shadow Draws the Water" by Robert Aitken - Imaginative interaction as play

"A Natural Harmony" by David Fideler - Cosmological forces at work

"First Things" by Eric Gill - Reflections on the nature of vocation

"A Child’s Ground of Discovery: An Interview with Margaret Flinsch" - Primordial play and eternal work

"Sunwise Blessing" by Mara Freeman - Celtic prayers to work by

"The Rung of Service" by Martin Buber - The struggle of availability

"Wielding the Force of Presence: A Picture Essay" - Pictures by Linda Butler, text by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

"Working for a Living" by Jean Kinkead Martine - Awakening to the call of the office

"Exercising Oneself" by Meister Eckhart - The impartiality of duty

"Time Is a Child Playing" by Richard Lewis - How we find out about the world

"What ’Play’ Is" by Johan Huizinga - Engagement and absorption

"Why Life is Hard" by Hesiod - A mythic origin of labor

"Holy Work and Pious Play" by William A. McIntosh - Campin’s Joseph in his workshop

"Magical Wars and Spirited Debates" by Stuart Smithers - The Vedas’ and Upanishads’ view of play

"The Creator’s Game" by Joseph Bruchac - Lacrosse, cosmic celebration

"Life as Gymnastics" by A. R. Orage - Growth by inner exertion

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Cloth, Clay, Wood, Reed" / Liberian - retold by Esther Warner Dendel
"The Reef Came to Be in Sorrow" / Marshall Islands - retold by Daniel Kelin
"Forbidden Door" / Moroccan - retold by Laura Simms
"Joe Magarac" / North American - retold by Robert Parillo


Parabola 21:4 - Play and Work

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