• Parabola 23:1 -   Millennium


Parabola 23:1


, ISBN Pb 23:1 / 978Pb 23:1, Parabola

"Crossing the River" by Linda Hogan - Human time and earth time

"Worlds Living and Dying" by Ravi Ravindra - Consciousness and cyclical existence

"Point of Return: An interview with Ursula K. Le Guin

"The Age of Tikkun" by Eliezer Shore - Restoring the world’s soul

"On Memory and Numbers" by Thomas Moore - To keep count is to remember

"Building the Buddha-Field" by J. L. Walker - The mandala as beginning and ending

"Living on the Brink of Apocalypse" by Richard Erdoes - Scenes from the last millennium

"Message to the Younger Brother" spoken by Ramon Gil Barros - Wisdom teachings of the Kaggaba-Wiwa

"Signs of the Times" by Martin Lings - What "the end of the world" really means

"Sacred Threshold" by S. Paul Burholt - History, eternity, and the Incarnation

"The New Jerusalem" - from Revelation

"The Millennium Effect" by Georg Feuerstein - An opportunity for transformation

"A Work of Lamentation" by Joshua Leavitt - Purging negative emotions

Tangents - Reviews
"Veils and Visions" by Rob Baker - The Apocalypse according to Wim Wenders

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Land Where Time Stood Still" / Romanian - from World Tales
"Völuspá" / Norse - from The Masks of Odin
"Before the Gates of Rome" / Jewish - from the Talmud
"Remaking the World" / Brule Sioux - from American Myths and Legends


Parabola 23:1 - Millennium

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