• Parabola 25:3 -   The Teacher


Parabola 25:3

The Teacher

, ISBN Pb 25:3 / 978Pb 25:3, Parabola

"The Source of Wisdom" by Richard Smoley - Where to search for authority

"Spiritual Masters" - An Interview with William Segal

"Bending and Turning" by Robert Dixon-Kolar - The lessons of Shaker craft

"The Spiritual Guide" by Jalalu’l-Din Rumi - "The refuge in the shadow of the sage"

"A Bow for One’s Students" by Doug Thorpe - Supplication and receptivity

"Your Cell Will Teach You Everything" by Father Dunstan Morrissey - Obedience as a venture into the unknown

"An Essential Committment" by J. L. Walker - Milarepa and his student

"No Other Teachings" by Hermann Hesse - From a new translation of Siddhartha

"Forerunner of Truth" by Irma Zaleski - Basic instruction in freedom

"Sing, Muse" by Martha T. Heyneman - Inspiration, poetry, and realization

"Examples" by Frederick Franck - Ones who went before

"The Guru Function" by Georg Feuerstein - Transmission in the Yoga tradition

"A Voiceless Blowing Sound" - An Interview with Vi Hilbert

"A Guide to Internal Direction" by Rama P. Coomaraswamy - Correctives against self-delusion

"The Sufi Master" by Shams al-’Urafâ’ - On the wish to be initiated

"Educating the Educator" by J. Krishnamurti - Basic tools for existing

"The Rabbi, the Zaddik, and the Zen Master" by Ronald Pies - How different traditions point at reality

"Questioning Authority" by Mariana Caplan - Discerning the false teachers

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world:

"The Secret Art" / Taoist - retold by Kum-Hoon Ng
"The Dream of the Rabbi’s Daughter" / Jewish - retold by Howard Schwartz
"Drinking the Cows’ Milk" / Hindu - from the Mahabharata



Parabola 25:3 - The Teacher

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