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Parabola 29:2

Web of Life

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"Ours Is Not a Dead Universe" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
- The primacy of consciousness
"Witnessing the Great Life" by Christopher Bamford
- An epiphany
"Praying to God in Every Place" by Paul Sorrell
- The spiritual unity of humanity and nature
"All Those Shining Worlds" by Jacob Needleman
- Finding the feeling component of knowing
"Out of the Hidden Root" by Bahauddin Valad
- Reflections from the father of Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne
"An Interactive Dialogue: Talmud and the Net" by Mel Alexenberg
- Multidirectional and multidimensional thought
"The Self Who All Pervades"
- from the Upanishads
"On Body of Water #901" by Le Anne Schreiber
- Living in beauty
"Living Like a Natural Person" by Tom Harmer
- Being on the side of the earth
"Fluent in Living" by Robert Rice
- Shocked into the present moment
"When Words Are Abandoned: Feeling the Forest" by Jane Goodall (with an interview by Hope Ryden)
- Experiencing true awareness
"The Real and the Mirage": An Interview with Mu Soeng by Richard Smoley
- Buddhism free of projection
POINT OF VIEW: "Restless in the Web of Life" by Roger Lipsey
- Are we knowing participants?
Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

    "The Sacred Tree" / Hawaiian - retold by Caren Loebel-Fried
    "The Man and the Muskrat" / African - retold by Josepha Sherman
    "The Hunter and the Walrus" / Inuit - retold by Joseph Bruchac
    "The Farmer Who Wanted To Be a Jaguar" / Mayan - retold by Joseph Bruchac

Tangents - Reviews

    "The Vocabulary of the Unexpected" by Marvin Barrett
    - A review of the film My Architect: A Son’s Journey
    "Segal-san" by Roger Lipsey
    - On a pioneer explorer of the inner world
    "Every Life a Story"
    - A talk with a director of the Mythic Journeys conference


Parabola 29:2 - Web of Life

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