• Parabola 29:3 -   The Seeker


Parabola 29:3

The Seeker

, ISBN Pb 29:3 / 978Pb 29:3, Parabola

"The Devil in the Way" by Stephen Batchelor - Emptiness as a path

"First Question" by Ravi Ravindra - What lies behind our masks?

"The Gift of the Call" by Christopher Bamford - From duality to unity

"The Woman in Chains" by Natalie Baan - Andromeda, Perseus, and the process of liberation

"A Terrible Longing in the Heart" - An Interview with Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari by Rama Devagupta

Poetry: "Mare Frigoris" by Sandra Alcosser

In the Footsteps of the Ancestors: "Calling Back the Boas" by Gloria Ushigua

"Coming Home: A Woman’s Pilgrimage to Mecca" by Claire Alkouatli - The earthly and heavenly circumambulation

"We Seek Our House: The Meaning of Quetzalcoatl as Venus" by Sheri Ritchlin - Where have the "knowers of things" gone?

"Harmonizing the Passions" by Geoffrey Dennis - A tenth-century Jewish theologian finds a middle way

"The Wanderer" by Bishop Seraphim Sigrist - The journeys of Saint Brendan and Bodhidharma

"The Rope Trick" by Anne Twitty - A prose poem

Arcs: On the Way

"Without Sleep, No Awakening" by Henri Tracol - Essentials of the quest

"The Paradox of Place: Thomas Merton’s Photography" by Paul M. Pearson - Insights and images from a modern seeker

"The End of Search" - An Interview with Robert A. F. Thurman

Point of View: "Nothing Left Behind" by Maxine Linnell - The journey so far

"Go ’I Know Not Where’: Tracking the Trackless" by Madronna Holden - The impossible quest

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

  • "Phaeton" / Greek
  • "The Angel of Losses" / Jewish
  • "The Wise and the Foolish Merchants" / Buddhist

Tangents - Reviews
  • "Making the Darkness Conscious: J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings" by Donald Raiche - The trilogy’s injunction to forsake power
  • "The Rubin Museum of Art" by Caroline Herrick - A new showcase for Himalayan art


Parabola 29:3 - The Seeker

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