• Parabola 30:4 -   Fundamentalism - Getting out of the Box


Parabola 30:4

Fundamentalism - Getting out of the Box

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Fundamentalism: Getting out of the box 30th Anniversary Issue! "An Eternal Perfume" Patrick Laude Mystery and beauty as the true fundamentals "Do Many Heads Necessarily Have Many Minds?" Wendy Doniger Tracking the sources of Hindu tolerance and intolerance "Beyond Views" An exchange with Thich Nhat Hanh "Lines in the Sand" Anne Twitty Rejoicing in the ephemeral "The Sacred World of the Other" An interview with Seyyed Hossein Nasr "Cosmic Joke" Chogyam Trungpa The fear of falling "Coming Clean" Melody Moezzi One-on-one redemption "Beyond the Letter" Richard Smoley Levels of meaning and Scripture "The Karma of Loneliness" Barry Graham Varieties of narcissism "Why Fundamentalism Matters" An interview with Huston Smith "Where is God Gone?" William J. Ventimiglia Inclusivity in the face of the holy WHAT DOES RABBI STEINSALTZ SAY? "Humpty Dumpty's Rules" Adin Steinsaltz Do we know what fundamentalism means? Do we care? HOLY EARTH | Being in Nature "Green Hermeticism" Peter Lamborn Wilson Postmodern science, alchemy, and a new approach to the environmental crisis TANGENTS| Arts in Review "A memory of Perfection" Matthew J. Smith "3XAbstraction: New Methods of Drawing" at the Drawing Center POETRY "St. Roach" Muriel Rukeyser "Orientation" Moya Cannon EPICYCLES| Stories and Commentary "Peacock From Heaven" Yezidi Parable | CountBobrinsky "His Awesome Looming" Biblical | Tim Miller "Stopping theTorrent" Buddhist | Seung Sahn BOOK REVIEWS The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry Andrew Schelling | reviewed by Tim Hogan Prayer: A History Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski | reviewed by Marvin Barrett Spinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal about the Transformations in a Woman's Life Joan Gould Waking the World: Classic Tales of Women and the Heroic Feminine A. B. Chinen | reviewed by Madronna Holden Rebuilt Michael Chorost | reviewed by Miranda Mellis Three Art Books in Brief | reviewed by Miriam Faugno EXPERIMENTS | Exercise Your Self Empty a Word of its Meaning | Roger-Pol Droit


Parabola 30:4 - Fundamentalism - Getting out of the Box

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