Parabola 31:1

Shaking our Senses Free

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"The Invisibles" David Abram
Enigmatic dimensions of the everyday

"’How I Pray is Breathe’: Thomas Merton in the Hermitage Years" Roger Lipsey
Merton’s "rehabilitation of the sensible"

"Common Sense"
An interview with Peter Kingsley

"A Walk with Krishnamurti: From His Journal" Jiddu Krishnamurti
Attention without wish, without search, without complaint

"Recovering Sight" Carl Lehmann-Haupt
Freeing the gaze from "mere looking"

"Embracing the Irrational"
An interview with Marion Woodman

"Smell" Christopher Bamford
Scent as medium between heaven and earth

"Embodying Wisdom" Irini Rockwell
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s approach to the five wisdom energies, accompanied by his teaching on the senses and emotions

"Now I am Sitting Here" G. I. Gurdjieff
Experiencing sensation and feeling

"What is the Right Way to Make a Cake?" Adin Steinsaltz

HOLY EARTH | Being in Nature
"At Home in the Breath" K. Lauren de Boer

TANGENTS | Arts in Review
"Forces of Nature" Caroline C. Herrick
The ink paintings of Liu Dan

"Remembering Martin Lings" Gai Eaton
Reflections on his last work and his enduring influence

"The Nature of Order: The Work of Christopher Alexander" Stuart Smithers and Craig Hollow
Searching for an objective aesthetic

"What is World Music?" David Rothenberg
From sitars to synths

Two Poems: "The High Pyrenees" and "In Catalonia" Kerry Hardie
"Riding Out at Evening" Linda McCarriston
"The Rose Window" Rainer Maria Rilke
"When I Was Young the Silk" A. R. Ammons

EPICYCLES | Stories and Commentary
"The Ears of the Eyes in the Heart" Caucasus | Laura Simms
"Beyond Rapture" Greek | Tim Miller

Wings of Desire | reviewed by Anne Twitty
In Your Light We See Light: Celebrating the Legacy of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi | reviewed by Arthur Kurzweil

The Dictionary of Gnosis and Western Esotericism Wouter J. Hanegraaff | reviewed by Richard Smoley
No Time to Lose : A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva Pema Chodron | reviewed by Chris Mazura
The Life of David Robert Pinsky | reviewed by Rabbi Alan Abraham Kay

EXPERIMENTS | Exercise Your Self
Yes, No, or Maybe? | Christian Wertenbaker


Parabola 31:1 - Shaking our Senses Free

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