• Parabola 39:4 Goodness

Parabola 39:4 Winter 2014-2015


“What I’m coming to lately is an end of life conviction that there is more to consciousness than what is produced in my little head, or yours,” says James George in a heart-opening interview in this Winter 2014 issue of Parabola. The word good is descended from the Indo-European ghedh, which means to unite or join. All of the offerings in thisGoodness issue resonate with this ancient meaning. There is an echo of the call to come together, within ourselves and as a people, in the words of Brother Priyananda, a disciple of Yogananda; in an essay about ancient and contemporary ways to help heal our wounded warriors; in an exploration of the deeper meaning of fairy tales. In the words of Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, writing of the crucial need to save real seeds: “In every seed lie the components of all life the world has known from all time to now.”


Parabola 39:4 Goodness

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