• Parabola 40:1 Sin

Parabola 40:1 Spring 2015


The Spring 2015 issue of Parabola, explores the ancient root meaning of “sin”---“missing the mark.” And, as Jesus says in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, “Sin as such does not exist. You only bring it into manifestation when you act in ways that are adulterous in nature.” We’ve come to see that it is our “tendency,” to act in those errant ways, to deviate from our spiritual aims and to succumb to passing thoughts, feelings, and desires, thus missing the mark time and again. In these pages, through encounters with the “mad monk” Rasputin and the pacifist saint Martin of Tours, through three new poems by Mary Oliver and comments, new to print, from spiritual sage John G. Bennett, through an array of art and essays and reviews, we explore the mystery of sin and expiation and forgiveness, of the journey from darkness into light. May this issue of Parabola serve you well.


Parabola 40:1 Sin

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