• Parabola  4:3 -   The Child


Parabola 4:3

The Child

, ISBN Pb 4:3 / 978Pb 4:3, Parabola

"Twins Twisted Into One" by Don Talayesva - A powerful narrative of life before and after birth by a Hopi born in 1890

"Riding a Horse: A Story" by Nicholas Weiss

"Towards Beginnings" by Richard Lewis - A collaboration of a father/teacher and his children in an exploration of the nature of childhood

"Birth of the Sun" A Story" (Anonymous)

"The Dancing Butterfly: A Story" by Angela

"Becoming a Child" by John Loudon - Probing the paradox of becoming as a child and putting away childish things

"Inanna and the Land of No Return: A Poem" by Rachel Nora Greene

"The Awakened Eye" by Frederick Franck - A recollection of the first moment of being at one

"The Strength of Thor: A Story" by Keith Jones

"The First Act Repeated" by Lynda Sexson - How some of us make myth in the postmodern age

"ARCS: "Grown men may learn from children things which older people miss" - Observations by and about the child on the nature of things

"The Child Incarnate" by Lobsang Lhalungpa - The Tibetan concept of the fully developed being in its child form

"Outer Space and Earth: A Story" by Rachel Cloudstone Zucker

Tangents - Reviews
"The Primary World" by P. L. Travers - A celebration of origins
"Looking at the Children Playing, from the Sky" by Frederick Franck - An exhibition of Japanese children’s art and poetry
"Sounding a Note of Search" by Lorraine Kisly - Thoughts on Peter Brook’s Meetings With Remarkable Men
"Pictures at an Exhibition" by Roger Lipsey - An inquiry, via the Kremlin Collection, into the purpose of looking at art

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Eighth Embryo" / Hindu
"Hermes" / Greek
"The Sword Under the Stone" / Greek
"The Secret Son" / Igbo


Parabola 4:3 - The Child

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