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"Miz Chapman Tells Us the Score: A Memoir, 1947" by Al Young - Starting out black in America

"The Garden" by David Malouf - A poem

"Blindness, A New Seeing of the World" by Jacques Lusseyran - Perception without eyes

"Inner Grace" by Abraham Menashe - A photographic essay

"Paths of Obedience: Fairy Tales and the Monk’s Way" by Brother David Steindl-Rast - The Anima in Snow White, Psyche, and the novice

"The Great Transition" by Jonathan Omer-Man - A contemporary Jew seeks his faith

"An Earthquake Coming: Interview at Akwesasne" - Mohawk Longhouse chiefs show us the facts

ARCS: "With Crooked Glances You Teach Me"

"Salvaging the Mystery" by Italo Calvino - The unsuspected wonder and reality of Italian folktales

"Changing the Impossible" - H. H. the Dalai Lama on the use of difficulty

Tangents - Reviews
"Physical Pariahs" by Rob Baker - "Disability" on Broadway
"Playing with One Foot in Each Camp" by Rob Baker - Peter Brook’s theater of obstacles
"Footnote to the Gurdjieff Literature" by M. de Salzmann - A leader of the Gurdjieff work sifts the wheat from the chaff
"Something Reliable" by Roger Lipsey - The Picasso Retrospective

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"A Lesson in Swordsmanship" / Japanese
"Broken Strings" / Buddhist
"The Raven" / European
"Milarepa and the Trial of the Towers" / Tibetan
"The Roots of Peace" / Iroquois


Parabola 5:3 - Obstacles

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