• Spring 58 - 1995 -   Disillusionment


Spring 58 - 1995


176 pages, ISBN 1-882670-06-X / 978-1-882670-06-2, Spring Journal

Articles by James Hillman, David Hart, and Paul Kugler

Imagine the cruelest moments in your life. Your heart is broken, your faith is lost, and you want your money back. Disillusionment is a bummer, but it is often the first step into a deeper relationship, a new direction, a richer life. In this issue, people from widely different backgrounds — from hairdresser Joe Landry to psychologist James Hillman — discuss this devastating emotion from many different points of view. From Alcoholics Anonymous to transcendental meditation, from a first meeting with Carl Jung to adults who change their childhood stories, disillusionment can strike anywhere and any time. This is an issue you won’t want to miss. If you think you don’t need the Spring Journal to stay in touch with where psychology is moving today, let us disillusion you with Spring 58. You may even find it ...enchanting.

Spring Journal

Spring 58 - 1995 - Disillusionment

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