• Spring 76 - 2006 -   Psyche & Nature Part 2 of 2


Spring 76 - 2006

Psyche & Nature II

343 pages, ISBN 1-882670-67-1 / 978-1-882670-67-3

Spring Journal heeds the growing call to explore the dimension of depth in our interactions with the environment: the locales we occupy, their features and weather, our fellow creatures (some now imperiled by failing habitats), and Anima Mundi's reaction to our doings upon the surface of the world. Because of the importance of this topic, we are issuing two Psyche and Nature issues together with a wide range of outstanding contributions from leading scholars in Jungian thought, ecopsychology, phenomenology, and other relevant disciplines.

Table of Contents

Excerpts from C. G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature, and the Primitive Vine Deloria, Jr.
Land Minds: Images of Nature and Shadow in Two American Indian Novels Rinda West
Reconciliation & Regeneration: Building Bridges for Wounded Cultures & Wounded Earth Peter Bishop
Tending the Dream is Tending the World Stephen Aizenstat
Soul on Stone Roberto Gambini
Reuniting Psyche and Nature David Kidner
Charting an Ecological Imagination: Between Leaf and Hand Laura H. Mitchell
Towards a Jungian Ecopsychology Liz Evans
The Naive Dream of the Return to Nature: A Depth Psychological Perspective on Environmentalism Lori Pye
To Praise Again: Phenomenology and the Project of Ecopsychology Andy Fisher
Phenomenon and Place: Toward a Renewed Ethics of the Environment Edward S. Casey
Touching Earth, Finding Spirit: A Passage into the Symbolic Landscape Betsy Perluss
Terrapsychology: Reengaging the Soul of Place - An Introduction Craig Chalquist
The Soul of the Tiete River: Reflections on the Ecological Crises in Sao Paulo, Brazil Ricardo A. Hirata
Travel and the Soul's Geography of Yearning Shirley Frances McNeil
The Archive of Soles: Walking into the Soulscape of History Ruth Meyer
JUNGIANA - Zurich... Revisited: An Interview with Murray Stein Robert Henderson
FILM REVIEW - Tsotsi Joanna Dovalis and John Izod
BOOK REVIEW - Jung in Africa by Blake W. Burleson Robert A. Segal
BOOK REVIEW - Green Man, Earth Angel by Tom Cheetham Dennis Patrick Slattery
BOOK REVIEW - Myth: A Very Short Introduction by Robert Segal Victor Faessel

Spring Journal

Spring 76 - 2006 - Psyche & Nature Part 2 of 2

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