• Dream Tending: Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams (hardcover)

Stephen Aizenstat

Dream Tending

Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams

287 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-55-0 hardcover

You had the most amazing dream last night. It spoke to your highest aspiration, your most secret wish, presenting a vision of a future that was right for you. But now, in the cold light of day, that inspiring dream is gone forever…or is it? According to Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, a psycho-therapist, university professor, and dream specialist, dreams are not just phantoms that pass in the night, but a present living reality that you can engage with and learn from in your daily life. In Dream Tending Dr. Aizenstat shows how to access the power of your dreams to:

Transform nightmare figures into profound and helpful mentors

Bring fresh warmth and intimacy into your relationships

Overcome obsessions, compulsions, and addictions

Engage healing forces of your dreams through imaginal “medicines”

Re-imagine your career and cope with difficulties in the workplace

Discover the potential of your untapped creativity

See the world around you with a new and dynamic perspective

Rooted in Stephen Aizenstat’s 35 years of work with the greatest dream masters of the West, as well as respected traditional shamans and healers worldwide, Dream Tending is packed with revolutionary insights and practical methods that will help you to experience the powerful, mutually beneficial interaction of dreams and reality that Anais Nin called “the highest form of living.”
Chapter One: The Living Image 11
Chapter Two: Working with Nightmares 61
Chapter Three: Applying Living Images to Major Life Challenges 89
Chapter Four: The World’s Dream 143
Chapter Five: Medicines of the Soul 185
Chapter Six: Dream Council - A Life Practice 229
Appendix: Listing of Dream Tending Exercises 279

About the author:

STEPHEN AIZENSTAT, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and the founding president of Pacifica Graduate Institute. For more than 35 years he has explored the power of dreams through the study of depth psychology and the pursuit of his own research. He has collaborated with many masters in the field, including Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Robert Johnson, and James Hillman; as well as native elders worldwide. Dr. Aizenstat has conducted hundreds of dreamwork seminars throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He lives with his wife and three children in Santa Barbara, California.

Aizenstat, Stephen

Dream Tending: Awakening to the Healing Power of Dreams (hardcover)

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