• Mary of Magdala - A Gnostic Fable

Armando Nascimento Rosa

Mary of Magdala

A Gnostic Fable

136 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-52-9, Chiron

Mary of Magdala is inspired by a dissident Christian legend that had its origins in Provence. The drama takes place one night in the year 54 A.D., in Marseille, when Mary's voice is being isolated in a Church where the doctrine of Paul of Tarsus increasingly helps blot out the important role played by female preachers during the first two centuries of the Christian era. The play portrays the clash between an alternative religious experience at the roots of Christendom, personified in Mary of Magdala, and an official dogmatism that predicts the marriage of convenience between the Roman Empire and the Roman Church. This is the first publication of the play in English.

About the Author
Armando Nascimento Rosa, Ph.D., is one of the most fascinating new Portuguese playwrights to emerge in the 21st century. Author of seven books of plays and essays on drama, Rosa has a Ph.D. in Dramatic Literature and teaches Playwriting and Theory of the Theatre at Escola Superior e Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon, Portugal.

Rosa, Armando Nascimento

Mary of Magdala - A Gnostic Fable

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