• The Soul Always Thinks

Wolfgang Giegerich

The Soul Always Thinks

Collected English Papers, Volume IV

620 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-45-1, Spring

The furthering of psychology depends upon the critical efforts of its most seminal contributors. It requires thinkers for whom the notion of soul has served both as vital inspiration and binding commitment. With its publication of the Collected English Papers of Wolfgang Giegerich, Spring Journal Books makes available to the psychological reader the work of one of archetypal psychology's most brilliant theorists. A practicing Jungian analyst and a long-time contributor to the field, Giegerich is renowned for his dedication to the substance of Jungian thought and for his unparalleled ability to think it through with both rigor and speculative strength. The product of over three decades of critical reflection, Giegerich's English papers are collected in four volumes: The Neurosis of Psychology (Vol. 1), Technology and the Soul (Vol. 2), Soul-Violence (Vol. 3), and this new release, The Soul Always Thinks (Vol. 4).

In this latest volume, The Soul Always Thinks, Giegerich recalls the soul to the inwardness of its own home territory. He brings out the thought-character of the soul's self-creating, self-unfolding logical life. In addition to clarifying what thought means for psychology and analyzing certain misconceptions surrounding the topic of "soul and thought," he also carefully presents a challenging thesis concerning the limitation of an imaginal, "anima-only" approach in psychology (given the essential historicity of the soul.) He further examines such topics as "the end of meaning and the birth of man," "anima mundi and time," "the metamorphosis of the gods," as well as the logical steps involved in the transition from childhood to adulthood and from a psychological oneness with nature to the modern alienation from nature.

About the Author:
Wolfgang Giegerich, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst who after many years in private practice in Stuttgart and later in Wörthsee, near Munich, now lives in Berlin. He has lectured and taught in many countries. His approximately two hundred publications in several languages include numerous books, among them The Soul's Logical Life: Towards a Rigorous Notion of Psychology (Peter Lang, 1998; 4th ed. 2007), and the previous three volumes of his Collected English Papers: The Neurosis of Psychology, Technology and the Soul, and Soul-Violence.


Chapter 1:  The Lesson of the Christmas Tree

Chapter 2:  The Rescue of the World. Jung, Hegel, and the Subjective Universe

Chapter 3:  Effort? Yes, Effort!

Chapter 4:  Shalt thou build me an house for me to dwell in? Or: Anima mundi and Time. A response to Hillman's "Cosmology for Soul. From Universe to Cosmos"

Chapter 5:  The Dignity of Thought: In Defense of the Phenomenon of Philosophical Thought

Chapter 6:  Is the Soul ‘Deep?'—Entering and Following the Logical Movement of Heraclitus' ‘Fragment 45'

Chapter 7:  The Leap Into the Solid Stone

Chapter 8:  The Future of Psychology: Its Going Under

Chapter 9:  The End of Meaning and the Birth of Man. An essay about the state reached in the history of consciousness and an analysis of C.G. Jung's psychology project

Chapter 10:  The Soul as Axis of the World

Chapter 11:  The Movement of the Soul

Chapter 12:  Psychology – The Study of the Soul's Logical Life

Chapter 13:  The Ego-Psychological Fallacy. A note on "the birth of the meaning out of a symbol"

Chapter 14:  Once More "The Stone Which is Not a Stone." Further Reflections on "Not"

Chapter 15:  "By Its Colorful Tunes the Lark Blissfully Climbs Up Into the Air." A Few Reflections on Soul-Making as the Making of Psychic Reality

Chapter 16:  Irrelevantification. Or: On the Death of Nature, the Construction of "the Archetype," and the Birth of Man

Chapter 17:  "The Unassimilable Remnant": What is at Stake? A Dispute with Stanton Marlan

Chapter 18:  Imaginal Psychology Gone Overboard: Michael Vannoy Adams' ‘Imaginology.' A Defense of the Image Against the Detraction by its Devotees

Chapter 19:  Psychologie Larmoyante: Glen Slater, For Example. On Psychology's Failure to Face the Modern World

Chapter 20:  Jung's Idea of a Metamorphosis of the Gods and the History of the Soul

Chapter 21:  There Is Psychological Progress. Can There Be Progress of Psychology?

Giegerich, Wolfgang

The Soul Always Thinks

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