• Parabola 10:3 -   The Body


Parabola 10:3

The Body

, ISBN Pb 10:3 / 978Pb 10:3, Parabola

"The Mystery of Rebirth" by Henri Tracol - Parabola discusses with the author his ideas on incarnation and disincarnation

"The Hand and the Mind" by Jean Bernard - Their mutual support in human work

"A Fine Upstanding Man" by Martha Heyneman - The vertical dimension

"The Body of the Buddha" by Robert Aitken - Practice and realization

ARCS: "Can These Bones Live?"

"Perfecting the Mirror" by Gai Eaton - The interdependence of the body and the Heart

"The Human Image" - A Portfolio by Roger Lipsey

"Sense and Presence" by Jacques Lusseyran - Avenues of exchange

"Washing the Feet" by Christopher Bamford - The single body of humanity

"Transformations": From a Sketchbook by W.C.S

"On Unknowing" by P.L. Travers - A cosmography of wonder

Tangents - reviews
"The Sound of Compassion" by Pamela Bloom - The Gyüto Tantric Monks

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Story of Tuan mac Cairill" / lrish
"King O’Toole and His Goose" / Celtic
"The Fabric of Life" / Hindu
"Jack and His Flying Ship" / North American


Parabola 10:3 - The Body

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