• Parabola 12:2 -   Addiction


Parabola 12:2


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"Abu Kasem’s Slippers" by Heinrich Zimmer - The crystallization of destiny

"A Physician’s Journey" by Richard S. Sandor - Looking beneath the force of habit

"The Center of Our Need" - An interview with Pauline de Dampierre

"On Love" by A. R. Orage - A survey of the possibilities

"The Middle Way" by Robert Aitken - Standing on one’s own feet

"O Children of this World!" - a poem by P. L. Travers

"Intoxication and Sobriety in Sufism" by Victor Danner - The thirst for transcendence

"Worshiping Illusions" - An interview with Marion Woodman

"Spiritus contra Spiritum: The Bill Wilson / C. G. Jung Letters" - The roots of the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous

Tangents - reviews
"An Encyclopedia for a New Generation" by Lawrence E. Sullivan - A first-hand look at Mircea Eliade’s last and most ambitious project
"A Guide Within" by James A. Hall - A review of The Way of the Dream, twenty half-hour films featuring Marie-Louise von Franz
"Traditionalism and Search" by Paul Jordan-Smith - An approach to the thought of Frithjof Schuon

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Sinless Man" / Hindu
"Old Thorns and Old Priests" / Irish
"The Trials of Ulysses" / Greek
"How to Catch Monkeys" / Islamic
"Not Eating Dates" / Islamic


Parabola 12:2 - Addiction

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