• Parabola 12:4 -   The Sense of Humor


Parabola 12:4

The Sense of Humor

, ISBN Pb 12:4 / 978Pb 12:4, Parabola

"The Laughter at the Heart of Things" by Helen M. Luke - Finding the royal road to freedom and joy

"Zen Moments" by P. L. Travers - Going beyond time

"Striking the Pole" by Joseph Bruchac - The world of Native American humor

"The Safeguard of the Mystic" by Henry Corbin - Humor and the symbolic realm

"Infant Joy" by Richard Lewis - The springs of laughter

"The Smile of Truth" by Conrad Hyers - The beginning and end of Zen

"Meditations on a Joyful Year" - Speed Vogel talks to Moshe Waldoks

"Every Stick Has Two Ends: A Collection of Proverbs"

"The Laughter of the Weaver" by Lee Siegel - India’s wise fools

Tangents - reviews
"Durckheim’s Zen" by Frederick Franck - A review of Zen and Us

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"How Saint Peter Got Bald" / Basque
"The End of the World" / Uygur
"The Threefold Laugh" / Jewish
"The Sennin" / Zen


Parabola 12:4 - The Sense of Humor

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