• Parabola 16:2 -   The Hunter


Parabola 16:2

The Hunter

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"The Never-ceasing Dance" by Martha Heyneman - The eternal moment before the kill

"The Song of the Hunter" by Laurens van der Post - The relationship between the Bushman and his prey

"The Unicorn in Captivity" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - A poem on The Cloisters Unicorn Tapestry

"Christ the Hunter and the Hunted" by Louis Charbonneau-Lassay - A dual symbol from The Bestiary of Christ

"Wild Trout" by P. V. Beck - Fly fishing and self-transformation

"Fox and Hounds" by Forrest Carter - A Cherokee variant of Reynard the Fox

"Exploring the Near at Hand: An interview with Richard Nelson" - The Koyukon search for the island within

"Mukushan" by Benjamin Baynham, O.C.S.O. - A Cree ceremony of transubstantiation

"Deerstalking" by Page Lambert - A wife and mother contemplates an old tradition

"Seven Perspectives on the Hunt" - Selections by Rick Bass, Barry Lopez, Linda Hogan, Carlos Castaneda, Herman Melville, Chris Madson, and Peter Matthiessen

"The Tracker" by Tom Brown - Following the signs as a mystery unfolds

"The Call of the Climb" by Ruth Rudner - The kinship with wildness

"Wilderness and Hearth" by Trebbe Johnson - A look at the full cycle of the hunt

"Remembering" by P. L. Travers - A lifelong pursuit of Something Else

"Searching out Kindred Spirits" by Paul Shepard - A confrontation with an aspect of our own nature

Tangents - reviews
"Balancing the Scales in a Hollywood Epic" by Philip Zaleski - A response to the film Dances with Wolves

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

"The Wolf and the Sheep" / Armenian
"The White Doe" / Irish - retold by Tom White
"The Moon and the King’s Son" / African - retold by Paul Jordan-Smith
"The Story of Orion" / Greek - retold by Ellen Draper
"The Woodsman" / Sufi - retold by Elizabeth Retivov


Parabola 16:2 - The Hunter

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