• Parabola 18:1 -   Healing


Parabola 18:1


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"Images of Wholeness: An Interview with Lawrence E. Sullivan" - Health and healing in the world’s religious traditions

"On Death and Coding" by Richard S. Sandor, M.D. - A medical doctor’s questions about death

"Wounded Healers" by Bill Moyers - Healing the person, not the patient

"Saving Mother Earth to Save Ourselves" by Joel Monture - Traditional Native American Healing

"The Alchemy of Illness" by Kat Duff - All things are related to their opposites

"Transforming Our Suffering" by Thich Nhat Hanh - Healing the wounds of war

"The Powwow Doctor" by Richard Wentz - Pennsylvania Dutch remedies

"Even at Night, the Sun Is There" by Gray Henry - The Islamic view of illness as opportunity

ARCS: "The Dance of Healing"

"It’s Up to You" by Joe Louis Lopez - Doing battle against AIDS

"The Kung Approach to Healing" by Richard Katz - Spiritual balance through dance

"Word Salad" by Milton H. Erickson - When the patient’s needs are the first priority

"The Country of the Gadarenes" - Christ the Healer

"An Encounter" by Marvin Barrett - An excerpt from a journal

Tangents - reviews
"The Art of Living and Dying Well" - A review of Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Tyl’s Panacea" / German - retold by Paul Jordan-Smith
"The Little Water Medicine" / Seneca - retold by Joseph Bruchac
"The Seven Swans" / European - retold by Natalie Baan
"Jeevaka’s Test" / Buddhist - retold by D. K. M. Kartha


Parabola 18:1 - Healing

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