• Parabola 20:2 -   The Stranger


Parabola 20:2

The Stranger

, ISBN Pb 20:2 / 978Pb 20:2, Parabola

"Longing for Wholeness: An interview with Satish Kumar" - Being an insider and an outsider at the same time

"Dweller on the Plain" by Eliezer Shore - Transcending the boundaries

"The Bridge of Well-Being" by Mark Nepo - The stranger, the fellow, the completing other

"Original Face" by Jennie Koralek - Moments beyond the ordinary

"The Thirteenth Wise Woman" by P.L. Travers - The necessary wicked fairy

"Fieldwork Enlightenment" by Barre Toelken - Are we the beneficiaries of other people’s traditions?

"Behind the Mask" by Frederick Franck - Camouflaging the stranger-within

"Just Plain Shane" by William A. McIntosh - The unknown hero in American westerns

"Night-Visitor" by Alexander Eliot - Edward Hopper’s "Nighthawks"

"The Stranger as Pathfinder" by Elaine Jahner - The one who shows the way home

"What He Was Like" by William Maxwell - Secrets confided to a diary

"The God with Two Faces" by Nouk Bassomb - Why is the stranger a god?

"In the Doorway" by Ellen Dooling Draper - The moment of encounter

"A Glimpse of Eternity" by Martin Buber - Two views of the world

"Family Matters" by Virginia Baron - The story of Ruth and Naomi

"The Mysterious Stranger" by Mark Twain - Fatal enchantments

"Crossing the Threshold" by Doug Thorpe - Those who have lost their way back

Tangents - Reviews
"Tzaddik of Our Time" by Diane Wolkstein - A review of Shlomo Carlebach’s Stories

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Oduduwa Brings up Many-People" / Yoruba - retold by Jeanette Ross
"Woope and the Wind’s Five Sons" / Lakota - from Sons of the Wind
"Putana" / Hindu - retold by Margaret Case
"Song of the Selchie" / Gaelic - retold by Shanti Fader


Parabola 20:2 - The Stranger

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