• Parabola 20:3 -   Language and Meaning


Parabola 20:3

Language and Meaning

, ISBN PB 20:3 / 978PB 20:3, Parabola

"In Light of Meaning: An interview with William Segal" - Speaking from the center

"Speaking in Tongues" by Mordechai Beck - The meaning of Babel

"The Word Made Flesh" by Tod Harris - The roots of written language

"The Story of the Arrowmaker" by N. Scott Momaday - Transmitting the traditions of speech

"Making a Language of Childhood" by Richard Lewis - Conversations with silence

"The Weaver and the Blacksmith" by Amadou Hampâté Bâ - Language and craft

"On Listening and the Word" by Ross Fuller - The teachings of the Desert Fathers

"Mantras" by Mircea Eliade - The inner repetition of words

"Verbum Ineffabilis" by Anita Doyle - Letting the world speak

"The Quest for the Primal Word" by Ashok Gangadean - What is the origin of language?

"Ambiguous Truth, True Ambiguities" by Roger Lipsey - Utterances of the Delphic oracle

"The Demonic Book" by Martin Buber - The story of the Ar Vif

"A Playwright Speaks" by Christopher Fry - A call for a theater of meaning

"Word of Skill" by Mara Freeman - The art of Irish storytellers

"The Language of the Birds" by René Guénon - Communications of the mystery

"Discovering a Language" by Mary Stein - How the deaf speak

"The Powers of the Word" by René Daumal - Meaning in Hindu poetics

"The Beauty of Innuendos" by Peggy V. Beck - The paradoxes of fools’ language

Poem: "Maybe" by Mary Oliver

Tangents - Reviews
"Translation: The World of Tibetan Buddhism" by Thupten Jinpa - A bridge between two languages

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Great Debate" / Jewish - retold by Peninnah Schram
"The Boy Who Talked with Birds" / Mayan - from The Bird Who Cleans the World and Other Mayan Fables
"The Talking Skull" / African - retold by Shanti Fader
"Languages of Signs" / Hindu and Buddhist - retold by D. K. M. Kartha
"How the Tenth Tribe Lost Its Words" / Jewish - from Adam’s Soul


Parabola 20:3 - Language and Meaning

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