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Parabola 2:1


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"Fear No More the Heat of the Sun" by P. L. Travers - The celebrated storyteller’s refreshing and insightful meditation--prompted by a visit to London’s Brompton graveyard--on childhood, age, and mortality.

"Swimming in the Ocean of Becoming" by Conrad Hyers - A lively account of the Zen perspective on death, a present-centered liberation from fear and clinging that is often expressed in joking and laughter.

"Sabbath in Gehenna" by Isaac Bashevis Singer - A story about a day of rest in hell and the sinners’ heated discussion of how to improve their lot: a failed manifesto of sinners’ lib.

"Learning to Die" by Brother David Steindl-Rast - How and why we must learn to die if we are to be fully alive, in rhythm with the natural ebb and flow of existence.

"The Nature of Death" - A sampling of the great traditional teachings about death, presented with an eye toward their insights into a common truth.

"Faces of Death" by William G. Doty - A brief indication, from an anthropological perspective, of the variety of ways in which peoples have regarded and coped with the fact of death.

"Irish Wake, Catholic Funeral, U.S.A. 1976" by William Corcoran Burke, Jr. - This personal account of a death in an American family opens our eyes to the rituals of death that occur every day in our midst.

"The Diamond Vehicle: Conversations on Tibetan Buddhism and the West" - Two Tibetan lamas share their knowledge of the nature of life and of the passage in death, and the American Vajrayana Buddhist Robert Thurman discusses the teaching of Tibetan Buddhism and its mission in the West.

Tangents - reviews
"Immortality--More than Intimations?" by John Loudon Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Death of Adam" / Jewish - by Howard Schwartz
"Osiris" / Egyptian
"Tales of a Demon" / Hindu


Parabola 2:1 - Death

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