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Parabola 2:2


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"The Trees Stood Deep Rooted" by Sam D. Gill - How, through the performance of traditional ritual, the Navajo participate in and sustain the original creation in "patterns of perfect beauty."

"The Legacy of the Ancestors" by P. L. Travers - The Dreamtime: an invitation into the aboriginal world of the objective Now.

"Psalm 19" from Blues of the Sky by David Rosenberg - A selection from a fresh and moving translation of the Psalms: the first by a contemporary American poet from the original tongue.

"The Wisdom of Festival" by David Johnson - Is there a link between the ancient Babylonian festival of renewal and our contemporary celebrations?

"The White Seal Maid" by Jane Yolen - A new story based on the traditional selchie legends by the prize-winning author of children’s books.

"Ishmael on Watch" by John Fentress Gardner - Between the heartless rationality of Captain Ahab and the helpless emotionality of Pip, the cabin boy, young Ishmael seeks a middle course. The ordeal of Moby Dick is the ordeal of American adolescence.

"Africa and the Word" by Daniel Whitman - A vision of the creative potential of mankind as bound to his possession of the Word.

"Man the Maker: Reflections on Human Creativity" - A selection of statements about art from a traditional point of view.

"Microcosm, Macrocosm and Mandala" by Kenneth L. Phillips - An exploration of the symbolic function of the mandala and a commentary on four original String Mandalas generated by modern computer science and rooted in basic designs.

"Worlds of Discourse: A Conversation with Zalman Schachter" - An interview with the charismatic and eclectic rabbi on mysticism and its practice in the modern world.

Tangents - Reviews
John Loudon on the film "Mohammad: Messenger of God."
Melissa Kay Wood on NBC’s "Jesus of Nazareth."

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"In the Very Beginning" - The creation of man in the Popol Vuh.
"Tales of a Demon" - The sixth in a series of riddle-stories from the eleventh-century Indian epic known as the Ocean of Stories.
"The Creation of the World" - From the Kalevala.
"The Game of Asha" - A Zoroastrian myth.
"Watunna" - The first English translation of the sacred creation cycles of the Ye’kuana Indians of Venezuela


Parabola 2:2 - Creation

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