• Parabola 22:3 -   Conscience and Consciousness


Parabola 22:3

Conscience and Consciousness

, ISBN Pb 22:3 / 978Pb 22:3, Parabola

"The Saint with the Seven Tombs" by Tim Winter - On the Sufi way of understanding

"Ecology of Conscience" by Michael Tobias - Islands of nonviolence

"The Nature of Consciousness: An Interview with Oliver Sacks"

"On Being Oneself" by Sri Anirvan - Practicing observation

"The Stereopticon" by Frederick Franck - A miraculous device for seeing

"Sarach’s Harp" by Marty Cohen - Music of divinity

"Blessed Uneasiness" by Roger Lipsey - Dag Hammarskjöld on matters of conscience

"To Clear the Mind" - The Yoga Vasistha’s counsel

"Treasure Within" by Irma Zaleski - Conscience as a seed of knowledge

"The Ayenbite of Inwit" by Gary Eberle - A forgotten manual of self-examination

"Remembering the Self" by P. D. Ouspensky - The work of an active attentiveness

Arcs: "Weighing the Heart"

Tangents - Reviews
"Tibet in the Shadow of Our Imagination" by Ursula Bernis - Tibet and the world’s conscience

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Presence" / Sufi - from Essential Sufism
"In the Eyes of the Beholder" / Chinese - retold by Miriam Faugno
"I and Not-I" / Jewish - from Reviewing the Covenant
"The Last Egg"/ European - retold by Edith Gilmore


Parabola 22:3 - Conscience and Consciousness

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