• Parabola 22:4 -   Miracles


Parabola 22:4


, ISBN Pb 22:4 / 978Pb 22:4, Parabola

"With Visible Breath" by Joseph Bruchac - Sacred powers in Native American traditions

"A Theater That Transforms Us" by William A. McIntosh - Giving drama to a teaching

"The Milk of Miracles" by Eliezer Shore - The inner meaning of miraculous stories

"Compassion’s Flower" - An Interview with Orgyen Kusum Lingpa

"Participants in Mystery" by S. Paul Burholt - Transubstantiation in the Christian Mass

"Believing" by Joseph Cary - What is a miracle, and what is not?

"My Druid Is Christ" by Mara Freeman - Legendary feats of the Celtic saints

Arcs: "Upon the Waters"

"Laws, Miracles, and Science" by Christian Wertenbaker - A multi-leveled cosmos

"A Way of Healing" by Bernie S. Siegel - Searching for a new relation to disease

"In the Valley of Astonishment" - An Interview with Basarab Nicolescu, by Jean Biès

"Two Poems" by Denise Levertov

Tangents - Reviews
"Climbing to Christmas" by Marvin Barrett - One man’s journey to a miracle

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Sacred Ashes" / Hindu - retold by D. K. M. Kartha
"A Small Miracle" / Hasidic - retold by Diane Wolkstein
"The Legends of Habib" / Sufi - from Muslim Saints and Mystics
"Ilomerika’s Gift" / West African - retold by Eric Ruark


Parabola 22:4 - Miracles

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