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Parabola 2:3


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"Views of the Cosmos" by Brother David Steindl-Rast - Our images of the universe can either open or close us to the mystery at its core.

"Do-It-Yourself Cosmology" by Ursula K. Le Guin - Playing God with the author of The Left Hand of Darkness.

"The Intelligence of the Heart: An Outline of the Symbolic Method and its Hieratic Nature" by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz - A legendary and controversial Egyptologist proposes a radical approach to knowledge.

Five Poems by Lorel Desjardins

"The Cosmos is His Sanctuary" by Ernesto Cardenal - A Nicaraguan poet’s reading of Psalm 150.

"The Spiritual Landscape" by Elaine Jahner - For the Lakota, the vision quest takes place simultaneously in the heart and on the plains; a little-known Sioux myth shows how they have always been the same.

"Selections from Essentials: Definitions and Aphorisms" by Jean Toomer - Best known as the author of Cane, Toomer published these observations "on the nature and forms of human existence" in a private edition in 1931. The first in a series of excerpts.

"Outer Worlds, Inner Teachings" by Anne Bevan - Some surprising views on the esoteric meaning of astrology, the flat earth and the cosmos within us.

"On the Principles of Movement" by Harry Remde - A graphic demonstration of the laws of psychic and physical movement, from circle to spiral.

"The Triumph of the Improbable: A Conversation with Lloyd Motz" - The author of The Universe: Its Beginning and End, gives an astronomer’s view of the forces which pattern both molecular and galactic worlds.

Tangents - Reviews
John A. Miles, Jr. on Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden.

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Tales of a Demon" - The seventh in a series of riddle-stories from the eleventh-century Indian epic known as the Ocean of Story.
"The Breath of Brahma" - The classic Indian vision of cosmic time.
"The World-Tree Yggdrasil" - From the Norse Eddas
"The Gela-from-Above and the Gela-from-Below" - From the Ivory Coast.
"The Chain of Worlds" - A hitherto unpublished account of the cosmology of the Campa Indians of Peru.


Parabola 2:3 - Cosmology

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