• Parabola 27:1 -   The Ego & the


Parabola 27:1

The Ego & the "I"

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"Nurturing the Heart" by Cynthia Bourgeault - To dispel the metaphor of war

"The Face of Lincoln" by Jacob Needleman - A furrowed portrait of an individual

"Signatures" by Carol Ring - The name on the work

"Joining the Sparks with the Fire" by Christian Wertenbaker - The cosmos shorn of duality

"Sensing the Center" by Mary Stein - Aikido as a practice

POINT OF VIEW: "In the New World" by Philip Zaleski

"There Is No Ego" by Glen Kezwer - When we stop saying ’I’ automatically

"’The Rough and Steep Path’" by Shimon Malin - Healing the broken world

"Awaken to the Question" by Michel de Salzmann - To be alert to the usurper of truth

"The Tower" by Shanti Fader - An image of the Tarot and of life

"The State of Entanglement" - An Interview with Toni Packer

"Process without End" by Robert Sardello - Love provides a deep synthesis

"Taking Leave of Attachment" by Robert J. Dobie - What the Rhineland mystics said

"The Two Selves" by Rama P. Coomaraswamy - A pervasive theme of the traditions

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Teachings of the Venerable Cat" / Japanese (Zen)
"The Phantom Bride" / Chinese - retold by Laura Simms
"Narcissus" / Greek - retold by Natalie Baan
"Three Tales of Surrender" / Hindu - retold by Rama Devagupta


Parabola 27:1 - The Ego & the "I

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