• Parabola 28:3 -   Chaos and Order


Parabola 28:3

Chaos and Order

T , ISBN Pb 28:3 / 978Pb 28:3, Parabola

  • "Doorways to Other Worlds" by Mary Pat Mann - What do fractals and Faery have in common?
  • "A Hymn" by Thomas Moore - Honoring the positive attributes of disorder
  • "Monsters, Children of Chaos" by David Appelbaum - What lurks in the dark deep...
  • POINT OF VIEW: "The Last Lecture" by Philip Zaleski
  • "A Celtic Mandala" by Mara Freeman - Looking at an archetype of order
  • "Souls of Fire" by Abraham Isaac Kook - On the motive of creativity
  • "Of Thurs and Tyr" by Edward W.L. Smith - The religion of the ancient Vikings
  • "Word Hoard" by BK Loren - When you can’t find the right word
  • ARCS: "Fatal Necessity and Inescapable Order"
  • "In the Greek Cosmos" by David Hoffman - How order and disorder complement each other
  • "Painting with Sand" by Sarah Jane Sloane - Art made not to last
  • "The Great Sphere That Spins" by Dante Alighieri - A movement toward a higher level
  • "Turbulent Rhapsody" by Susan Allen - Music as a temporal art
  • "The Barong and Rangda" by Kristi Ross - Creatures of Balinese myth

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

  • "The Cold Lad of Hilton" / English - retold by Shanti Fader
  • "Hyacinthus" / Greek - retold by Natalie Baan
  • "The War of the Rocks and Plants" / Sumerian - retold by Josepha Sherman
  • "Repaying Hun-tun’s Kindness" / Chinese - retold by Rama Devagupta

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    Parabola 28:3 - Chaos and Order

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