• Parabola 29:1 -   Marriage


Parabola 29:1


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"The Tale of Baucis and Philemon" by Jane L. Mickelson
- A look at Ovid’s story
"The Dame and the Knight" by Michael van Baker
- Women, men, and the need for sovereignty
"Standing Under the Mountain" by Eliezer Shore
- To enter a binding covenant
"Heaven and Earth" by Mircea Eliade
- The cosmogonic marriage
"The Hindu Brahmin Wedding" by Uma Girish
- Explored in all its many stages and variants
"Sappho and the Songs of Marriage" by David and Sharon Hoffman
- The poet’s praise of matrimonial union
"An Epithalamion" by John Donne
"The Marriage Vow" by Helen M. Luke
- Commitment to what end?
"A Man and a Woman Arguing" by Jelaluddin Rumi
"You Are Together" by Linda G. Johnston
- On being joined in a traditional Anishinabe ceremony
ARCS: For Love of Self in the Other
"Of the ’Chemical Marriage’" by Titus Burckhardt
- The alchemical way of transformation
"Mystical Union" by Evelyn Underhill
- Symbolisms of religion and love"Marrying Spirits in the Flesh" by Mary Kay Landon
- The relationship between lwa and serviteur in Vodou
"Wedding Night with the God" by Trebbe Johnson
- Mortal longing for divine union

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world

    "The First Wedding" / Jewish - retold by Howard Schwartz
    "The Marriage of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha" / Buddhist - retold by Brandon Hawk
    "The Stolen Wife" / Maori - retold by Jane Yolen


Parabola 29:1 - Marriage

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