• Parabola 39:2 - Embodiment

Parabola 39:2 Summer 2014


This Summer 2014 issue of Parabola offers glimpses of human beings who embody the spiritual qualities of wisdom, compassion, and service to God. Some, like the Sufi master Barkat Ali, with a flowing grey beard and upright, military bearing, look as you would expect; while others like Raghu Makwana, the son of poor Indian laborers and crippled by polio, shatter comfortable preconceived images. What emerges in these pages is that embodiment is not a fixed state but a process requiring deep listening, honesty, and a willingness to leave the known for the unknown—to leave the realm of familiar ideas and ways of thinking for the wide open territory of living truth. Often such journeys begin with a leap or a push—for some of our contributors they started with illness or loss or pain. For others, it began with a wish or a question: “Can my life be larger than I was led to believe possible?”


Parabola 39:2 - Embodiment

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