• Parabola 39:3 - Spiritual Practice

Parabola 39:3 Fall 2014

Spiritual Practice

This Fall 2014 issue of Parabola explores the world of spiritual practice with the guidance of accomplished teachers and practitioners. Our interview is with Mirabai Starr, a bright new voice in interfaith studies who as a teen lived at the Lama Foundation, where she studied with Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Taoist, and Native teachers. Also in this issue, among other authors, legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky recalls his work with a Zen master, Tracy Cochran remembers how a young woman lived and prepared for death, and Roger Lipsey delves into the spiritual work of Thomas Merton. In addition, musician Baird Hersey teaches us the rare pursuit of Nada yoga, Keith A. Buzzell recalls his early years in the Gurdjieff Work, Lillian Firestone ponders how to find (and to leave) the right spiritual teacher, and others show the why and how of their own spiritual work.


Parabola 39:3 - Spiritual Practice

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