• Parabola  5:1 -   The Old Ones


Parabola 5:1

The Old Ones

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"Time Stands Still" by Keith Critchlow - New visions of ancient places

"Coming Back Slow" by Agnes Vanderburg - A Flathead American Indian teaches the old ways

"Living Ancestors" by Frederick Franck - Japan’s aged artiste are its national treasures

"Cycles of Time" by J. Stephen Lansing - Being "old" in Bali

"The Object, The Ritual" by Joy Elvey Bannerman - A poem

"The Old People Give You Life" by Megan Biesele - A day and days in the life of the Kung Bushmen

ARCS: "Legacy" - The wisdom of our Native American grandfathers

"The Transmission of Blessings: An interview with Deshung Rinpoche" - A Tibetan tulku discusses the philosophy of transmission revealed in Buddhist methods of teaching

"Gatherer of Glorious Virtues" by Lobsang Lhalungpa - A portrait of Tibet’s great woman saint

"Elders and Guides: A conversation with Joseph Campbell." - Remembering Heinrich Zimmer

"Old Oaks and Ancient Sages" by Jonathan Chaves - Poetry and paintings from the Ming dynasty

"Re-membered Lives" by Barbara G. Myerhoff - Memory and survival: the importance of our own life stories

"Four Poems" by Robert Thy and Rolf Jacobsen

"Where We Are" by Gary Snyder - How knowledge of place helps us to know ourselves

Tangents - Reviews
"Tom Brown’s School Days" by Paul Jordan-Smith - Thoughts on America Revised and The Tracker lead to new definitions of teaching
"Ancestors" by Winifred Lambrecht - An exhibition of Native American arts raises questions
"Kirittik’s Circle" by Roger Lipsey - A first translation of a work by René Daumal

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Ah!" / Chinese
"Pilgrimage" / Persian
"The Old Man of the Sea" / Greek


Parabola 5:1 - The Old Ones

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