• Parabola  6:3 -   Mask and Metaphor


Parabola 6:3

Mask and Metaphor

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"Dancing with Dash-Kayah: The Mask of the Cannibal Woman" by Terry Tafoya - Putting on the mask

"Two-Way Mirrors" by Ron Jenkins - Eastern and Western versions of mask

"Inner Faces" by Ray Zone - Masks in the popular formulas

"Regarding the Invisible Marionettists" by Peyton Houston - A poem

"I Am Not What I Seem!" by Demorest Davenport - An ethologist looks at masks in nature

ARCS: "Through a glass, darkly . . ." - The reflected image

"The Human Image" by Adin Steinsaltz - Physical and non-physical reality

"Concerning the Puppet Theater" by Henrich von Kleist, translated by Matthew Gurewitsch - Innocence and consciousness--a story

"Coincidence of Opposites: A selection of images" by Winifred Lambrecht

"Lie and Glorious Adjective: An interview with Peter Brook" - The transformative power of mask

"The Healing Mask" by Stephen and Robin Larsen - Search for identity

Tangents - Reviews
"Moving Designs of Masked Emotion" by Barbara Stoler Miller - The Kathakali
"Goddess in the Belfry" by Nancy Willard - Grandmothers and Wise Women in George MacDonald

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Tzarevna Lyagushka" / Russian
"The First Mask" / Dogon
"The Transposed Heads" / Hindu
"The History of the Hollow-Men and the Bitter Rose" / by René Daumal


Parabola 6:3 - Mask and Metaphor

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