• Parabola  7:1 -   Sleep


Parabola 7:1


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"Why Sleepest Thou, O Lord?" by Henri Tracol - States of being and stages of awakening

"Mythologies of Sleep and Forgetting" by Mircea Eliade - The mortal "sleep" of the fallen soul

"Life’s a Dream" - An excerpt from Kathleen Raine’s translation of Calderón’s play

"Sleep and the Inner Landscape" - An interview with Dr. Yeshi Dhonden by William and Marielle Segal

ARCS: A portfolio of sleep quotations

"Krishna and King Mucukunda: The Sleeper Awakened" by Heinrich Zimmer - King Mucukunda’s cosmic sleep, newly translated into English

"Lines to a Granny" by A.K. Ramanujan - A poem

"The Study of the Torah as Awakening" by Jonathan Omer-Man - Levels of reality and spiritual growth

"Time out of Time" by Paul Jordan-Smith - Time in myth and fairy tale

"The Life of Sleeping Men" by P.D. Ouspensky - Gurdjieff’s view

"On Waking Up" - An interview with Joseph Campbell by Douglas Auchincloss

"The Seventh Day" by P.L. Travers - On the seventh day God rested

Tangents - Reviews
"The Unblinking Eye: Passages to India, and Beyond" by Rob Baker - The camera never sleeps
"Traveling Temple Treasures" by Frederick Franck - Sacred statues from Buddhist Japan
"Cheyenne Culture Ledgers" by Joseph Epes Brown - A review with pictures of Peter Powell’s People of the Sacred Mountain

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Launcelot at the Grail Chapel" / English
"The Keys of the Temple" / Jewish
"Humming Home Your Shadow" / Hoopa
"The One You Don’t See Coming" / African
"The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus" / Christian
"The Two Rivers" / Russian
"The Concealed Deer" / China


Parabola 7:1 - Sleep

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