• Parabola  8:1 -   Guilt


Parabola 8:1


, ISBN Pb 8:1 / 978Pb 8:1, Parabola

"A Flash of Living Fire" by Dorothea Matthews - Conscience as a key to human possibility

"Original Sin" by Vincent Rossi - Plot for a cosmology

"Walking the Maze at Chartres" by P. L. Travers - The way in, the way out

ARCS: "Metanoia" - The many voices of conscience

"Repentance" by Adin Steinsaltz - The upward spiral

"The Search for Lucidity: an interview with Michel de Salzmann" - Reorienting the energy of the ego

"Long Shadow" by John Updike - A poem

"The Gift of Lack" by Robert Granat - Messages from the interior: an experimental report

"Suffering" by Helen Luke - The consequences of evasion

"Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" by Thomas A. Dooling - The retreat from culpability in the courts

Tangents - Reviews
"Inaugural Lines" by John Anthony West - Sacred geometry at St. John the Divine.
"Psalms in Canon" by Linda Sanders - Steve Reich’s Tehillim
"Animation, Animals, and Animism" by David Abram - The Secret of NIMH

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Mother Hildegarde" / from The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle
"Green Willow" / Japanese
"The Judgment of Mahpiyato" / Lakota


Parabola 8:1 - Guilt

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