• Spring 61 - 1997 -   Haiti, or the Psychology of Black


Spring 61 - 1997

Haiti, or the Psychology of Black

156 pages, ISBN 1-882670-10-8 / 978-1-882670-10-9, Spring Journal

Articles by James Hillman, Henry Hogarth, Judith Bertois, and Michael Ortiz Hill

Haiti, or the Psychology of Black, ventures into the heart of darkness itself, to the most polytheistic (yet Catholic) place on earth today. Haiti, for a look at psychological territory that no Jungians ever dared to set foot in before (with the exception of Joseph Campbell’s academic introduction to Maya Deren’s Divine Horsemen). But our Haiti is not just the literal island of Vaudun Gods and spirits of the night. Our Haiti is a vibrant state of mind that includes the only nation in the Western hemisphere where the dead still speak (and sometimes work), the wonderful source of the Blues in America, the strange African-Portuguese spirit rituals of Brazil, and indeed the entire range of pathological terror that stalks the white world whenever it sees "black".

"Remember how 19th-century colonials feared going black," James Hillman writes in The Seduction of Black, "how Joseph Conrad perceived a madness and a horror in the heart of darkness, how the black plague, the black knight, the black shirt and the black inquisitor haunt European history as the black-clothed puritan haunts America, and that many of the scariest images of childhood, from chimney sweep, witch, magician and Batman, the rottweiler and the Doberman, to skeletons in the danse macabre and the Grim Reaper himself, stalk the hall of fantasy-all in black!"

Spring Journal

Spring 61 - 1997 - Haiti, or the Psychology of Black

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