• The Female Ancestors of Christ

Ann Ulanov

The Female Ancestors of Christ

108 pages, 2nd edition, ISBN 3-85630-705-2 / 978-3-85630-705-9

The spiritual power of the Feminine shines forth in this psychological study of four Old Testament heroines from Jesus’ family tree. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba are the only women mentioned by name in the Gospels’ genealogies and, for Ann Belford Ulanov, this indicates that they impart something essential to the lineage of Christ. By exploring their brave and unconventional lives, she demonstrates how salvation enters the world in the feminine mode of being human, through these women’s embodiment of such powerful and deeply feminine qualities as ingenuity, audacity, determination, compassion, seduction, and devotion.

“Like bolts of lightning, the stories of these outcast virgins illuminate what spiritual wholeness can be in the lives of contemporary women and men.
Ann Ulanov’s riveting insights into their daring acts reveal their deep significance in the genealogy of Jesus and expand our understanding of the words courage and love.”
— Marion Woodman, author of Addiction to Perfection and Leaving my Father’s House

Ulanov, Ann Belford

The Female Ancestors of Christ

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