Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth

6 audio cassettes, 60 min. each, boxed set, ISBN 1-56176-020-X / 978-1-56176-020-6, Parabola

The Emmy Award-winning six-volume masterwork with Bill Moyers. This nationally acclaimed, 6-hour PBS series is an inspiring journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers. Their conversations explore the great common themes in the stories, legends and religions found in all human societies, and the connectedness of all people across time. 1. The Hero’s Adventure 2. The Message of The Myth 3. The First Storytellers 4. Sacrifice and Bliss 5. Love and The Goddess 6. Masks of Eternity

Campbell, Joseph

The Power of Myth

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