• An Oedipus - The Untold Story

Armando Nascimento Rosa

An Oedipus - The Untold Story

A Ghostly Mythodrama in one Act

126 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-38-3, Spring Journal

Where Freud made incest the defining feature of the Oedipus complex, Rosa, inspired by C.G. Jung, looks beyond the complex to its archetypal roots. Probing deeper into the tragic hero's family history, Rosa finds the source of the doomed man's fate in the now-forgotten crime of his father, Laius. namely, Laius's abduction and attempted seduction of Pelops's beautiful young son. Chrysippus, long before Oedipus was born.

Rosa, Armando Nascimento

An Oedipus - The Untold Story

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