David L. Miller

Three Faces of God

Traces of the Trinity in Literature and Life

197 pages, ISBN 1-882670-94-9 / 978-1-882670-94-9, Spring Publications

"How is it possible to understand a oneness that is three? or a threeness that is, at bottom, one? Even more problematic, how might a person believe in a God that insists on being imagined monotheistically (as one), but who persists in manifesting himself in history polytheistically (as three)?

"In spite of the difficulties, even logical impossibilities, of these questions, the Trinity is alive and well, although not in places that one might have expected. The notion flourishes in a mythology recovered from an ancient pagan past and in a secular literature of our own most recent times. Yet, in both popular piety and in academic theology, where one might have thought to find trinitarian talk, it flags and is sometimes neglected altogether. ... So, it is ironic to discover that an antidote to religion’s forgetfulness comes from the sides of pagan antiquity and latter-day secular literature. These resources, as we shall see throughout the pages of this book, support a trinitarian view of the world and its life."

From the "Introduction"

Miller, David L.

Three Faces of God - Traces of the Trinity in Literature and Life

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