• Reimagining Education

Dennis Patrick Slattery / Leigh Selig Jennifer

Reimagining Education

Essays on Reviving the Soul of Learning

189 pages, ISBN 978-1-882670-63-5, Spring Journal

In this collection of essays, Dennis Patrick Slattery and Jennifer Leigh Selig bring together eighteen master teachers from elementary, high school, undergraduate, graduate, adult education, and across many disciplines to share their reflections on reviving, revisioning, and renewing the soul of learning. What timeless and perennial qualities of excellence are germane to teaching and learning, both of which serve the life of imagination and the further cultivation of the soul? The answers rest in these essays, which are repositories of the wisdom of teachers with decades of experience in the classroom, whose only mandate in contributing to this volume was to speak their own truths, which have informed thousands of learners young and old.

Slattery, Dennis Patrick/Slater, Glen

Reimagining Education

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