Parabola 1:1

The Hero

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"Nostalgia for Paradise" by Mircea Eliade - The search for transcendent reality

"The Huichol and the Quest for Paradise" by Barbara Myerhoff - A journey to the sacred land of Wirikuta

"A Circular World: The Vision of Navajo Crafts" by Barre Toelken - An illustrated exhibition of the making of Navajo artifacts

"The World of the Hero" by P. L. Travers - Exploring the dimensions of mythic heroism

"Psychotherapy and the Sacred" by Jacob Needleman - Can psychotherapy mediate the sacred?

"The Tragic Hero: An Image of Individuation" by Edward Edinger - An image of the individual’s struggle for personal wholeness

"The Diamond Lens of Fable" by Minor White - A photographic quest

"The Meaning of Tradition" - A conversation with Huston Smith

Tangents - Reviews
"The Ambiguities of Eden" by Paul Jordan-Smith - On The Gentle Tasaday
"Speaking in Images" by William Doty - A review of The Mythic Image

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Gilgamesh" / Mesopotamian
"Prayer to the West" / Lakota - by Arthur Amiotte
"Phantastes" / by George MacDonald
"The Dog with the Curly Tail" / Indian - from The Cheyenne Indians by George Bird Grinnell
"Two Stories" / Islamic
"The Beloved" / Jewish - retold by Zalman M. Schachter


Parabola 1:1 - The Hero

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