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"Of Majesties and Majesty" by Frederick Franck - In the seventh century, the Empress of China begged a Buddhist master for a demonstration that would clarify the mystery of the "All in All" and the "One in All." An appreciation of his brilliant solution.

"Strangers at the Gate" by Robert E. Meagher - An exploration of the ancient rites of hospitality and how they reveal our common humanity.

"The Thunder, Perfect Mind" - The first appearance in English of an arresting and powerful fragment from the Gnostic writings at Nag Hammadi.

"Laws and Customs in a Brahmin Family" by Lizelle Reymond - The subtleties of relationships in a traditional Indian household as experienced by a Western woman.

"Selections from Essentials: Definitions and Aphorisms by Jean Toomer - Best known as the author of Cane, Toomer published these observations "on the nature and forms of human experience" in a private edition in 1931. The second in a series of excerpts.

"The Coat" by Shems Friedlander - The unique Sufic relationship between teacher and disciple, in an intense and dramatic evocation.

"Indra’s Net--Reflections on Relationships" - Insights into our interwoven human experience.

"The Demands of Harmony--An Appreciation of Navajo Relationships" by Barre Toelken - A challenging and provocative essay which indicates a way to approach a view of life radically different from our own.

"Telling Stories: A conversation with Diane Wolkstein and Paul Jordan-Smith" - The experience of storytellers who keep an age-old art alive and well in our time.

Two Poems by Jane Yolen

Tangents - Reviews
Frederick Franck on The Grand Kabuki
David Leeming on Mummenschanz
Victor Perera on the film Chac

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Oedipus" - A new version of the ancient Greek tragedy.
"Tales of a Demon" - A continuation of the series of riddle stories from the eleventh-century Indian epic known as the Ocean of Story.
"The Blacksmith’s Tale" - A cautionary tale from the Irish tinkers.
"The Judgment" and "Uninvited Guests" - Two Mullah stories about men and women.
"Blue Jay" - A sly trickster tale from the Salish Indians.


Parabola 2:4 - Relationships

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